Karate for Kids and for Mom and Dad, Too

Karate for Kids and for Mom and Dad, Too

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Karate is a growing phenomenon in the United States and internationally, and adults as well as children of all ages have discovered this Japanese martial art. In Karate for Kids, author Vincent A. Cruz presents a discussion of the essential physical and philosophical elements of traditional karate and provides clear and purposeful instruction for the young practitioner. Cruz, an experienced teacher of karate, offers an introduction to traditional karate and shows that is an exciting, healthful, physical art that develops the body and mind and is an effective form of self-defense. In this guide, he defines the concept of karate; discusses the history of the martial art; explains its physical, mental, and spiritual principles and philosophies; and describes and illustrates essential punching, blocking, and kicking techniques. Geared toward young adults as well as parents, Karate for Kids offers a complete guide to traditional karate using easy-to-follow instructions, caricatures, and diagrams. Cruz communicates how young people can develop a sense of worth through traditional karate and how karate can help youth to master life with an inner respectability.Many books and manuals have been published with different styles and systems of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese martial arts. I have also ... Since karate instruction is immeasurable, I considered how to best undertake this exhausting task.

Title:Karate for Kids and for Mom and Dad, Too
Author:Vincent A. Cruz
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-02-13


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