Kashmir Storm

Kashmir Storm

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Will sex tourism blossom in Kashmir? Ajit Chak speaks of many mysteries in his book Kashmir Storm. He speaks in a muted voice about the riots of 1984. He speaks of how a leader from South India could have driven a wedge between the Gandhi family and the Nehru family in the Congress Party and how Rajiv Gandhia€™s security was compromised. He links Rajiva€™s death in South India to the downfall of the Congress in Uttar Pradesh and the rise of regional parties in the state and the breakdown of law and order there. He talks of how customs in Uttar Pradesh promote rape within marriage, how giving tee shirts and mobile phones to girls can actually increase cases of rape, and lastly he talks in detail about the Muslim politics of the nation in UP, where almost half the entire population of Mulsims in the nation lives and works. The year is 2016. Sex tourism is booming in Kashmir as the statea€™s economy has collapsed following the floods and inflow of Jehadis. Since prostitution is legal in Kashmir, there is little the police can do about it. Under Article 370, no Indian law can apply in Kashmir. The book reverses the Love Jihad theory has a Muslim heroine who goes through all kinds of risks for her paramour a Hindu lad from Noida and Delhi. The girl who has come from Pakistan to India eventually decides to move in with him and settle down as she cannot live without him. The book also skims through the plight of Kashmiri Pandits and how they were driven out of Kashmir.The cordless inher lap rang and she got a call, the terse voice of Sudhir Singh Saini was informing her thatDrAnsari was onhis way tothe college inablack Skoda Rapid with the distinctive number plate of 0786. When the Skoda Rapid wasanbsp;...

Title:Kashmir Storm
Author:Ajit Chak
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2015-01-15


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