Kelly's Keys

Kelly's Keys

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Eighteen-year-old Josh is a scrapper. He has to be to survive in the country where he has learned to live on little and hope for greatness. As he grows into manhood and begins a career as a paramedic, he meets a thirty-four-year-old woman who is about to change his life forever. Nearly as soon as their romance begins, Kelly succumbs to her fears the relationship will never work and leaves him without explanation. But Kelly is hiding a heartbreaking secreta€”she is pregnant with Josha€™s child. Determined to not stand in the way of Josha€™s career dreams, Kelly absorbs herself in work and her childa€”pushing everyone else away. Meanwhile, Josh is battling his own internal demons. Too proud to admit Kelly has irrevocably broken his heart, Josh begins a downward spiral into the darkness of depression and self-destructive behavior. Sixteen years later, a prayer and an e-mail cause the past to collide with the present, but only time will tell if anythinga€”or anyonea€”can save a hero trapped within the depths of his own despair.After dinner they walked to Kellya#39;s car, a blue Honda Accord, and were approached by a thin black man asking for money. Kelly told him to go ... She had nearly been killed by drug dealers, crack addicts and gangbangers. Josh was shocked toanbsp;...

Title:Kelly's Keys
Author:Joshua Sarver
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-02-28


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