Keys to College Studying

Keys to College Studying

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PREFACE STUDY SKILLS FOR LIFE Daniel B., an undergraduate student we know, was recently offered a summer internship in the global investment banking division of one of the country's largest financial institutions. Although the corporate recruiters thought he was highly qualified, Daniel doubted his own ability, worrying that as a liberal-arts major he lacked the basic knowledge and skills to succeed in a business setting. He had never worked with spreadsheets, graphed financial data, or spoken the specialized language of his business colleagues. While he was familiar with classic novels through his college literature courses, he knew little about capital markets and derivatives. He was so filled with self-doubt that he nearly rejected the internship offer. The company recruiters were well aware of Daniel's knowledge qdeficitsq when they offered him the position. However, from talking with references listed on his resume and with Daniel himself during the interview, they realized that he had a quick mind, superior critical-thinking and study skills, and a willingness to learn, all of which were reflected in excellent grades. They were convinced that he would be able to master everything he needed to know for the internship, especially since the program included a week of intensive training classes designed to get everyone up to speed. After a few weeks of hard work, Daniel acquired the skills he needed-and was now moving ahead of many of the other interns in his ability to analyze and apply complex business concepts to unique problem-solving situations. This true story defines the importance of having solid study and critical-thinking skills in the 21st century. It also illustrates the mission of the first edition of Keys To College Studying: Becoming a Lifelong Learner. Like Daniel, you may find yourself doubting your specific knowledge and skills when, for example, you change majors, get a new boss, or change careers. However, the study skills and critical-thinking skills that you learn in this book will help you succeed in college as they prepare you for the challenge of continuous learning throughout your career and life. Your Study-Skills Tool Bag: What's Important in This Book This text contains some essential elements that help you achieve diverse goals: STRATEGIES FOR SELF-MANAGEMENT.Before you can be a successful learner, you need to set the stage for learning in a way that maximizes your abilities. Part I helps you develop self-management through learning styles, self-awareness, goal setting, and time management. It also provides strategies for helping you become a critical thinker. Critical thinking will allow you to take your study skills to a higher level of achievement. CORE STUDY SKILLS FOR SCHOOL, WORK, AND LIFE.The text focuses on skills that will take you successfully through your classes-and beyond. Each skill is presented in comprehensive terms, showing you what you need to know in order to succeed in school as well as how you will use the skill in the working world and in your personal life. These skills include reading, listening, taking notes, memory, library and internet research, vocabulary building, writing, test taking, math and technology skills, and many more. TESTING-FOCUSED EXERCISES.At the end of each chapter and each part, a variety of exercises appear that are designed to reinforce knowledge and build test-taking skills. Included are: Multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and matching questions A vocabulary-building exercise featuring challenging words from the current media Strategic thinking and teamwork exercises A Real-Life Approach to the Needs of Real-Life Students Keys to College Studyingacknowledges who you are right now and the stresses and pressures you may face. Acknowledging that each student is in a unique life situation, the text includes information such as ways to study with children around, time management advice for working students, and vocabulary-building approaches for students from around the world.Keys to College Studyingfocuses on the individuala€”youa€”helping to reduce study-related stress as it emphasizes the development of skills that will help you handle change. TAKE ACTION: BE A PROACTIVE LEARNER You are responsible for your education, your growth, your knowledge, and your future. If you know yourself, choose the right paths, and follow them with determination, you will earn the success that you deserve. The best we can do is offer some great strategies, ideas, and structures that will help you study effectively; ultimately, it's up to you to use them. You've made a terrific start by choosing to pursue an educationa€”now take advantage of all it has to give you. Pay yourself the biggest compliment by studying hard, having faith in yourself, and staying focused on your long-term goals.I started in high school as a reporter, and then I became editor-in-chief of the school paper. As a college freshman, I am majoring in broadcast journalism, and I am also working at the school TV station. Even though Ia#39;m starting at the bottom, anbsp;...

Title:Keys to College Studying
Author:Carol Carter, Joyce L. Bishop, Sarah Lyman Kravits
Publisher:Pearson College Division - 2002


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