Kicking In

Kicking In

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Narcotic euphoria meets the demands of everyday life in Richard Wiricka€™s brilliant new collection of interlocking stories. Whether depicting a Valium-fogged lawyer representing a car painter who cooked a client in his kiln, or revealing a Gulf War orderlya€™s drift in and out of morphine dreams during an aerial Medevac surgery, Wiricka€™s stories are rich with the social contexts in which sedationa€™s acolytes emerge, come forward to flourish, and then often violently explode or fade away. With a finesse that invigorates and then jars the reader, Wirick maneuvers between narratives of shimmering hallucinations and ecstatic mood-peaks. But Kicking In is not just another drug book. A gut punch to the notion that the drug war stems from societya€™s fringe element, Wirick shines a light on the ways presumably democratic governments use depressants and stimulants to keep selected segments of the population marginalized and disenfranchised. The result is a masterful collection a€” a vividly terrifying yet startlingly prosaic consideration of the varieties of drug usersa€™ experience with what Coleridge called a€œthe milk of Paradise.a€Whatremains ofhis face is inthe shadow of thedrapes, andIsee hea#39;s got a beardlike theAmish grow in these parts, thick only along the jawline and the upper chin, the lip cleanshaven. ... Not with a whimper, but with a goddamn Walther PPK/S.

Title:Kicking In
Author:Richard Wirick
Publisher:Soft Skull Press - 2010-04-10


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