Kids Are Like Jell-O (R)

Kids Are Like Jell-O (R)

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So, you are a parent! Congratulations! But, don't bother looking for the 25 page instruction manual, because there isn't one. There isn't even a tag that says qdo not removeq and pillows have that. There isn't even a label that says not to dry clean or tumble dry. Nothing. Nada. Nit. You are on your own. They Don't Come With Instructions, Do They? Unlike VCR's, the care of our precious children is without instruction manuals. Yet, amid the responsibility, trepidation, and fear we make JELL-O. Kids are like JELL-O. Come consult this special recipe for empowering children where all you add is the love! In her series of family empowerment books, Dr. Lynn Edwards shares with us another classic. Kids Are Like JELL-O is a delightful way to look at the many issues facing parents today. From teaching kids how to listen to you to tackling the tougher topics, Dr. Lynn approaches each subject knowledgeably with her special brand of humor. You will have fun as you discover insightful techniques to enhance your parenting toolbox.a€”Ask your teen for money or the keys to the car. -Blow bubbles out of the car window when at a stoplight. -Read the newspaper comics as if they were breaking news ... Realign yourself! 3. Visualize the attainment of your goal, see yourselfanbsp;...

Title:Kids Are Like Jell-O (R)
Author:Lynn Edwards
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-06-01


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