Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions--Solutions Manual

Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions--Solutions Manual

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This manual of solutions to the problems in qKinetics of Catalytic Reactionsq has been prepared to assist those who use this book in a teaching function. However, these solutions should also benefit those outside the classroom who want to apply the principles and concepts that are discussed in the book. By studying and observing the approaches used in solving these problems, it is very likely that similar applications can be envisioned in different kinetic problems that the investigator might face. Thus the availability ofthese solutions is a good learning tool for everyone. Additional details and insight about the solutions provided can be obtained by reading the cited references. I have tried to eliminate all errors, both conceptual and typographical, in these solutions; however, the probability is high that I have not succeeded completely. Should any errors of commission (or omission) be found, I would greatly appreciate being informed. I can be reached at this email address:, or mail can be sent to me at: 107 Fenske Laboratory, Department of Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802. Albert Vannice v Contents Preface v Solutions to Problems Chapter 3 - Catalyst Characterization .Problem 9.4 Solution (a) Steps 1 and 2 are in quasi-equilibrium: k (1) S + E =Ac= ( ES), K1 = [(ES)]_k, ki |s|[E] kk2 (2) (ES), * (ES), K2 = (ES)]_k, k2 (ES)] k-2 k (3) (ES )2 a€”# = P + E S a€” P -a#39;-[s]-...[s]-sks: Active site balance; L = E + (ES) + (ES), anbsp;...

Title:Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions--Solutions Manual
Author:M. Albert Vannice
Publisher:Springer - 2008-03-27


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