Kingdoms of Life - Animals

Kingdoms of Life - Animals

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Color Overheads Included! Milliken's new Kingdoms of Life series is aligned with national science standards and reflects current teaching practices. Each book includes approximately 50 black and white reproducible pages, 12 full-color transparencies, comprehension questions and lab activities for each unit, an answer key, a glossary of bolded terms, a timeline of biological discovery, a laboratory safety guide, as well as a national standards correlation. Animals details the anatomy and behavior of the kingdom with the greatest cellular complexity. It includes both many-celled and single-celled organisms (such as protozoans). Animals differ from plants in having cells without cellulose walls, in lacking chlorophyll and the capacity for photosynthesis, in requiring more complex food materials (as proteins), in being organized to a greater degree of complexity, and in having the capacity for spontaneous movement and rapid motor responses to stimulation.Color Overheads Included!

Title:Kingdoms of Life - Animals
Author:Gina Hamilton
Publisher:Lorenz Educational Press - 2006-09-01


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