Kinship and Beyond

Kinship and Beyond

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The genealogical model has a long-standing history in Western thought. The contributors to this volume consider the ways in which assumptions about the genealogical modela€”in particular, ideas concerning sequence, essence, and transmissiona€”structure other modes of practice and knowledge-making in domains well beyond what is normally labeled a€œkinship.a€ The detailed ethnographic work and analysis included in this text explores how these assumptions have been built into our understandings of race, personhood, ethnicity, property relations, and the relationship between human beings and non-human species. The authors explore the influences of the genealogical model of kinship in wider social theory and examine anthropologya€™s ability to provide a unique framework capable of bridging the a€œsociala€ and a€œnaturala€ sciences. In doing so, this volume brings fresh new perspectives to bear on contemporary theories concerning biotechnology and its effect upon social life.An Online Genealogical Machine Gisli Pdlsson The engine suggests feedback, and new machines extend feedback into new situations. a€” David Rothenberg 1993, Handa#39;s End Drawing upon recent writings by historians of science, I argue in this chapter that digital genealogies, a by-product of experimental ... I shall focus on the so-called Book of Icelanders, an extensive computerized database on Icelandic family histories that was made available on the Web in January 2003. Earlieranbsp;...

Title:Kinship and Beyond
Author:Sandra C. Bamford, James Leach
Publisher:Berghahn Books - 2009


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