Knockout Entrepreneur

Knockout Entrepreneur

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As true for boxing as business: Champions in business are not born. They are made. In an era of bankruptcy and bailouts, two-time Heavyweight Champion of the World and record-busting businessman George Foreman steps into the ring to challenge prevailing conceptions of success and achievement and lays out a new way of doing businessa€”the way of the Knockout Entrepreneur. The Knockout Entrepreneur: Is focused on smart growth, fearlessly seizing opportunity, and building an organization of significance. Is an idea wrangler and visionary who uses God-given imagination; who never gives up, gives in, or backs down from the hard work necessary to make it. Is an encourager, risk-taker, mentor, and giver in a world that often reflects the opposite. Is defined by integrity and generosity rather than title and possessions. Amasses wisdom over wealth and knows that when all is said and done, the greatest ROI is found in faith, family, and community. Foreman equips you with principles and strategies to help you come out swinging and backs them up with personal stories, contemporary accounts of success, timeless wisdom, and leading questionsa€”all of which are geared to help you put your Knockout plan into action and achieve extraordinary levels of success.I just signed the contract so I could get sixteen free grills for my homes, my training camp, my friends, my mom, cousins, ... I give my wife, Joan, credit for the success of the George Foreman grill because she was the first one to use the productanbsp;...

Title:Knockout Entrepreneur
Author:George Foreman
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2010-12-13


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