Kognition bei Menschen und Tieren

Kognition bei Menschen und Tieren

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What distinguishes humans from all other animals? In this book, rationality, social learning, and cooperation a€“ the basis of cultural evolution a€“ are placed under the microscope from a comparative philosophical perspective. The view is developed that anthropological difference is based upon the sum of many small differences, and that we are more like other animals than we often think.Galef, B. (1996). Historical origins: the making of a science. ... Foundations of Animal Behavior: Classic Papers with Commentaries. ... Cognitive Psychology3( 17), S. 295a€“314. ... Topics in Cognitive Science 1, S. 107a€“143. ... Glock, H.J. ( 2006).

Title:Kognition bei Menschen und Tieren
Author:Tobias Starzak
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG - 2014-12-11


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