Kros--And the Struggle Within

Kros--And the Struggle Within

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Eight feet tall and nearly seven-hundred pounds, Kros protects the small town of Riverhaven with quiet humility. The children love the young giant, and the townspeople feel confident that he will keep them safe from outside terrors. One morning Kros wakes to chaos. A distraught mother tells him that her only child, a boy named Kiro, has been kidnapped. Furious that someone-or something-has invaded his peaceful home, Kros determines to find the boy and punish the villain responsible. Armed with his giant mace, his Holy Book, and his trusted partner, a huge sabertooth tiger, Kros begins his mission.On his journey, Kros confronts a world on the brink of destruction from evil and wickedness, and constantly looks to his Holy Book to find strength and courage. But he must fight mythical creatures including the Minotaur, Cyclops, and deadly lizard men before he can rescue Kiro. When he encounters a malicious king bent on conquering Riverhaven and the rest of the country, Kros must face the most profound battle of his life.A classic tale of good versus evil, Kros-and the Struggle Within reveals one man's heroic fight to save a child's life-and his own.She can outrun even the fastest cat, you know the cheetah or something.a€ a€œReally , how do ... a€œShe came with an instruction manual.a€ Kros said ... Kros continued, a€œ A male tried to mount her, knocking him off he ran, and ran fast he did. But before anbsp;...

Title:Kros--And the Struggle Within
Author:Lawrence Escoriaza
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-03


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