Ladies Rise Above Your Emotions

Ladies Rise Above Your Emotions

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Dear Beloved! I have become enormously impressed by our potential; therefore, I am compelled to connect our spirits for future advancement. My genuine concern for all women stems from the years of malicious abuses that I as well as many others had the misfortune of suffering. And that will ultimately continue on for many years to come, unless, we begin to reform ourselves. With all of our unfailing beauty and strengths; in our attempts to connect to one another the mass of our pretentious cries have gone unheard. So I am candidly coming to you with an olive branch (peace), holding myself partially responsible for not living up to my moral obligations as your sister. I am hoping that this material will empower our souls, minds, spirits and hearts enough to begin destroying walls of ignorance; walls that are enslaving our minds and causing a debauched separation. As babies in this mission I say let's advance ladies. Let's grow into a force to be appreciated, respected, and reckoned with. I challenge you to work with me to empower, uplift and reform. Be very mindful!! In order to do the aforementioned we must first work feverishly in leading by example as we're qRising Above Our Emotions.q To whom much is given much is expected and required! From your sister and friend Shenica N. ColemanI decided to write an essay on aquot;Nature vs. Nurture and which has the greater influence in the human developmentaquot;. And boy was I in for a stimulatingly gratifying surprise: Stimulating only because it would later free me of unwanted ignorance.

Title:Ladies Rise Above Your Emotions
Author:Shenica Coleman
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-06


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