Language by mouth and by hand

Language by mouth and by hand

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While most natural languages rely on speech, humans can spontaneously generate comparable linguistic systems that utilize manual gestures. This collection of papers examines the interaction between natural language and its phonetic vesselsa€”human speech or manual gestures. We seek to identify what linguistic aspects are invariant across signed and spoken languages, and determine how the choice of the phonetic vessel shapes language structure, its processing and its neural implementation. We welcome rigorous empirical studies from a wide variety of perspectives, ranging from behavioral studies to brain analyses, diverse ages (from infants to adults), and multiple languagesa€”both conventional and emerging home signs and sign languages.Non-Manual Realization of Agreement in American Sign Language. ... Symposium on Sign Language Research, eds W. Edmondson and F. Karlsson ( Hamburg: Signum-Verlag), 114a€“120. ... Sign Language), a€ in Sign Language Corpora: Linguistic Issues Workshop 2009 in London, British Sign Language Corpus Project.

Title:Language by mouth and by hand
Author: Iris Berent, Susan Goldin-Meadow
Publisher:Frontiers Media SA - 2015-05-11


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