Lapsing Into a Comma

Lapsing Into a Comma

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No writer's or editor's desk is complete without a battered, page-bent copy of the AP Stylebook. However, this not-so-easy-to-use reference of journalistic style is often not up-to-date and leaves reporters and copyeditors unsatisfied. Bill Walsh, copy chief for the Washington Post's business desk, addresses these shortcomings in Lapsing into a Comma. In an opinionated, humorous, and yes, curmudgeonly way, he shows how to apply the basic rules to unique, modern grammar issues. Walsh explains how to deal with perplexing situations such as trendy words, foreign terms, and web speak.... all- caps acronyms or abbreviations, 150 of the, 160-161 in newspaper names, 184-187 of trademarks, 216-217 of uncle, ... URLs, 24 Captions, 68-69 Careen vs . career, 118 Cars, 106 Carter, Jimmy, 153 Carter, Rosalynn, 118 Cave vs. cave in, 118 Cellphone vs. cell phone, 13, 118 Census, 119 Centuries the 21st century vs. the year 2000, 224-225 Cerwin-Vega, ... or no quotation marks?, 91 Chat, in captions, 68 Chauvinism, 119 Cheese pizza, 193a€”194 Chicago Manual of Style, anbsp;...

Title:Lapsing Into a Comma
Author:Bill Walsh
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Education - 2000-05-22


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