Large-Scale Organizational Change

Large-Scale Organizational Change

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Large Scale Organizational Change provides the principles by which large scale organizations reinvent themselves not once, but on an ongoing basis. Continual reinvention allows leading companies to learn, adapt, and innovate faster than competitors in complex and fast changing environments. These action principles are based on first-hand experience at the world's leading Fortune 500 companies using emergent models of living systems. The context for large scale organizations is one of information overload, complexity and constant change. This book reduces the sense of vulnerability felt by managers. It provides a guide to piloting change in ways that lead to constant renewal and a capacity to survive frequent and often brutal changes in the operating environment. It describes a leadership concerned with the capacity to learn, inflection points, emergent strategies, knowledge management, the ability to anticipate, and tapping into the distributed intelligence resident in the organization. Large Scale Organizational Change provides managers with a framework for making their organizations highly adaptive in the complex market systems in which they operate, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for periodic episodes of traumatic restructuring and sometimes fatal reengineering processes.... solutions to the nonsustainable activities of other businesses Box 16.1 Volvo Trucks In the 1990s, Volvo introduced the FH truck series with a new D12 engine with considerably lower fuel consumption and emission levels than other models.

Title:Large-Scale Organizational Change
Author:Christopher Laszlo, Jean Francois Laugel
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-05-31


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