Last Lullaby

Last Lullaby

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From multiaward-nominated and national bestselling author Denise Hamilton comes an electrifying new Eve Diamond novel that takes the reader on an exhilarating, heart-stopping, yet poignant ride through the dark streets of L.A. Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond has spent the day at LAX, shadowing U.S. Customs Supervisor William Maxwell. He's got his eye on an incoming flight from Beijing via Seoul and Tokyo. The flight's packed with the usual mass of humanity, ranging from the elegant Asian woman in the raspberry silk pantsuit who emerges from first class carrying a tired toddler to the scruffy students who have spent the long flight in economy. Suddenly, shots ring out. Three people are dead, including two men who appear to be businessmen and the silk-clad woman. The man who was booked on the flight as the dead woman's husband is missing. And the sad little toddler is left behind. Who is this child? Her passport says she's Japanese, but she doesn't seem to understand the language. Was the dead woman really her mother? Why has the child made five transpacific flights in one year? And why does the INS whisk her immediately into hiding? Is this child a pawn in a larger scheme? Why would criminals care about this little girl? And why is Eve, too, in danger? Eve knows she must try to find the answers. Her search takes her into L.A.'s sleazy hotels, cybercafes, and into the upscale milieu of trendy restaurants and high-powered human-rights lawyers. Nothing is quite what it appears to be, and nobody seems to want Eve to find the child. Last Lullaby is a richly nuanced crime novel from a superbly gifted author who asks important questions and never settles for the superficial answer. Her powerful prose and passion for her native city shine through on every page.The photos seemed to suggest that these two had been plunked into adulthood without an ownera#39;s manual and were struggling in vain to forge a path. I considered how ... She knew the power of the saga she had captured in five rolls of film.

Title:Last Lullaby
Author:Denise Hamilton
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2004-04-13


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