Latex Is Not My Friend

Latex Is Not My Friend

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The new question today in the doctora€™s office is, a€œAre you Allergic to Latex?a€ How do I know if I am allergic to latex? What are the signs of latex allergy? Are there routine tests available for the diagnosis of allergy to natural rubber latex? Latex Is Not My Friend can give the Doctora€™s information on this allergy. This book can help people understand about latex allergy. Latex Allergy is a concern all over the country. There have been many changes that the FDA has implemented, since Latex Allergy has been diagnosis. There are different types of medical gloves that are available and safe. The decrease in cornstarch in the latex gloves can lower the risks of latex sensitivity. Latex Is Not My Friend is a story of my suffering through this Latex Allergy. This book also, contains other peoplea€™s stories and information on Latex Allergy that I have researched over an eight-year period. There are so many Doctors, Nurses, and Scientists that had many concerns about Latex Allergies and they worked together to improve the healthcare concerns regarding their patients. The goal of this book is bring peace of mind and understanding.J. C. Penny P.O Box 10001 Mail Stop 7303 Dallas, Texas 75301 Dear Customer Service Manager, Hello, how are you doing today? Find I hope that the sun is always shinning in your hearts and minds. Hello, my name is Marion R. Daney, anbsp;...

Title:Latex Is Not My Friend
Author:Marion Ronee Daney
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2005-02-28


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