Laurie Pippen’s All Natural Antiviral Agents

Laurie Pippen’s All Natural Antiviral Agents

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The classification antiviral includes anything that destroys viruses or inhibits their ability to grow and reproduce. Herbals approach viral infection from two directions. They stimulate the immune system to produce more immune cells aiding your bodya€™s ability to fight the infection and they act in direct opposition to viruses by inhibiting their ability to grow and reproduce so they cannot survive. The first line of defense against viral infection is prevention . Disinfecting surfaces with known antiviral cleaners, maintaining good health through diet, rest, and exercise and minimizing exposure to infectious agents is far more effective than any treatment plan in the continued battle against viruses. Regardless of the preventative care you take, there are always times where treating an infection will be necessary. Traditionally, viral infection is fought by blending herbals that support the bodya€™s own natural defenses with those that act to kill the virus. Using a combination that blends both actions helps to minimize the duration and severity of any infection. Many herbs and oils act as natural immunostimulant and antiviral agents. Some of these natural products work as well as or even better than the products sold in your local pharmacy. Some of the items in your local pharmacy are even created based on the chemical constituents of plants you might have growing in your own yard. This guide contains antiviral agents that act as both disinfectants for infected air and surfaces and disease fighting agents for the body. Both categories eliminate harmful viruses. It is important that you read the traditional uses and side effects of each plant and discuss any alternative treatment with a qualified herbalist or physician prior to choosing a natural product.The Plants of Pennsylvania: An Illustrated Manual, Second edition (2007). University of ... 86 Sale C, Harris RC, Delves S, Corbett J (May 2006). aquot;Metabolic and physiological effects of ingesting extracts of bitter orange, green tea and guarana at rest and during treadmill walking in overweight malesaquot;. Int J Obes ( Lond) 30anbsp;...

Title:Laurie Pippen’s All Natural Antiviral Agents
Author:Laurie Pippen
Publisher:Eiram Publishing - 2015-05-23


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