Law in an Era of Smart Technology

Law in an Era of Smart Technology

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Should law be technologically neutral, or should it evolve as human relationships with technology become more advanced? In Law in an Era of qSmartq Technology, Susan Brenner analyzes the complex and evolving interactions between law and technology and provides a thorough and detailed account of the law in technology at the beginning of the 21st century. Brenner draws upon recent technological advances, evaluating how developing technologies may alter how humans interact with each other and with their environment. She analyzes the development of technology as shifting from one of quseq to one of qinteraction, q and argues that this interchange needs us to reconceptualize our approach to legal rules, which were originally designed to prevent the qmisuseq of older technologies. As technologies continue to develop over the next several decades, Brenner argues that the laws directed between human and technological relationships should remain neutral. She explains how older technologies rely on human implementation, but new qsmartq technology will be completely automated. This will eventually lead to, as she explains, the ultimate progression in our relationship with technology: the fusion of human physiology and technology. Law in an Era of qSmartq Technology provides a detailed, historically-grounded explanation as to why our traditional relationship with technology is evolving and why a corresponding shift in the law is imminent and necessary.... employees who ensure the proper functioning of the networked technology that provides civilian telephone service.86 ... Network, a€ Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Public_Switched_ Telephone_Network; a€œIntegrated Services Digitalanbsp;...

Title:Law in an Era of Smart Technology
Author:Susan Brenner NCR Distinguished Professor of Law and Technology University of Dayton School of Law
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2007-11-30


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