Leading Man

Leading Man

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Nick needs a dance instructor to help him with his new role and Ashleigh seems perfect. Their relationship quickly heats up ... on the dance floor and between the sheets. But when Nick learns about Ashleigha€™s connection with his ex-girlfriend, he wonders if their relationship is real or staged. Elle Rush is pleased to present Leading Man, Book 3 of her contemporary romance series, Hollywood to Olympus. Olympus heartthrob Nick Thurston is a leading man with a problem. His new play opens in a month and when it comes to the pivotal waltz scene, he cana€™t lead. When he broke up with his dance instructor girlfriend, it also ended their professional relationship and now he needs a new teacher. Desperately. Ashleigh Jessup needs to find a new building to take her booming dance studio to the next level. She doesna€™t have time for a private student, but shea€™s willing to make an exception to do a favor for a friend and earn extra money for her down payment. Ashleigha€™s success has come at the cost of her love life, so she cana€™t believe it when Nick is good with them spending as much time on their careers as they do with each other. But when Nicka€™s ex tries to sabotage their relationship, Nick begins to doubt Ashleigha€™s intentions when she benefits from his fame, and Ashleigh has to decide if shea€™s willing to risk her business for a relationship Nick may not even believe in. Content Notes: Spicy, Contemporary, Romantic ComedyRumors abounded about a€œhis girlfrienda€ Ashleigh abandoning him to dance with Olympusa#39;s god of love. Later reports quoted ... Last year shea#39;d had some kind of personality turnaround and had worked hard to repair her reputation. It had worked but she ... a€œBecause shea#39;s the fucking queen of handling rumors. Shea#39;s beenanbsp;...

Title:Leading Man
Author:Elle Rush
Publisher:Liquid Silver Books - 2015-03-16


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