Leading With Meaning

Leading With Meaning

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What makes a good leader? How does good leadership impact an organization? Moses Pava argues that meaningful and useful answers to these questions are available in traditional religious and spiritual resources. Pava shows how religion can talk to real world problems by exploring traditional literature that deal with the idea of the biblical covenant and Jewish leadership. Using what can be learned from these in the business world is the key to building leadership based on mutual trust and respect--a covenantal leadership. In the aftermath of the Enron scandal, leadership with a soul is more important than ever before. This book offers the paths of Humanity, of No Illusions, of Integration, of Moral Imagination, of the Role Model, and of Moral Growth as six ways to achieve it. The best teachers have always showed us how to use yesterday's language to solve tomorrow's problems. Moses Pava continues in this tradition and clearly shows us why a covenental leader is a successful leader.In addition to innovative ritual observances, Pogrebin also talks about a a€œworld in need of repair.a€ She further explains, a€œIndeed, if tikkun olama€”the repair of the worlda€”is an assignment Jews are supposed to take seriously, Jewish feministsanbsp;...

Title:Leading With Meaning
Author:Moses Pava
Publisher:Macmillan - 2015-03-03


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