Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management

Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management

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Capitalize on a Powerful, 10-Step Improvement Process to Identify and Solve Supply Chain Problems in Industrial Organizations! Six Sigma practitioners and industrial managers who want to improve supply chain effectiveness in their organizations now have a powerful new weapon to add to their arsenal! Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management offers a unique 10-step improvement process for identifying and solving the root causes of supply chain problems in everyday operations. Written by Master Black Belt James William Martin, this proven management tool combines key aspects of Lean Manufacturing (from the Toyota Production System) and Six Sigma management principles in order to create a Lean Six Sigma approach that can dramatically improve supply chain function. Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management contains specific information for developing inventory models, metrics for aligning objectives with strategic goals, a concise overview of supply chain concepts, and models illustrating how lead time and demand impact customer service and inventory investment levels. This vital resource features: A complete program for Lean Six Sigma improvement and control The latest Lean Six Sigma methods to identify and manage supply chains Expert help with Lean Six Sigma supply chains and third party logistics Applications of Lean Six Sigma to MRPII Guidance on root-cause analysis using Six Sigma tools Designed to help Six Sigma professionals and frontline managers achieve higher levels of competitiveness, Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management provides the guidelines, tools, and techniques required to eliminate supply chain problems and boost company performance.It is useful in calculating safety- stock levels. sample variance The standard deviation squared. sampling The process of obtaining a sample from a larger population. ... history worksheet An Excel worksheet that records shipment history by item and location. short-term variation Variation acting on a process for a ... SIPOC is an acronym for supplier, input boundary, process, output boundary, and customer.

Title:Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management
Author:James Martin
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2006-10-12


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