Learn BASIC Programming in Minutes for STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths V10

Learn BASIC Programming in Minutes for STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths V10

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BUY THIS EBOOK AND GET $160 / Ap120 SOFTWARE FOR FREE! Learn BASIC Programming in Minutes for STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths V10. eBook covers all the topics of this popular software title used in schools and colleges worldwide for over twenty years. See Additional Notes for instructions to download the highly interactive PC software. Used in thousands of schools and colleges worldwide the software is designed to work as an interactive textbook on your PC screen. Comprising hundreds of menu selected colourful topics where the graphic images (from your eBook) are brought to life for every value change along with many additional learning software features. Education Bundle: eBook + PC software + App at a tiny fraction of the previously published price. Table of Contents (980 topics) , Introduction, BASIC Programming, Sample Code, Making a Start, Basic Electronics, Conductor And Insulator, Resistor Value Test, Simple Dc Circuits, Types Of Switching, Variable Voltages, Ohm's Law, DC Voltage, DC Current, Series and Parallel Resistors, AC Measurement, AC Voltage and Current, AC Theory, RCL Series, RCL Parallel, Capacitance, Capacitors, Inductance, Inductors, Impedance, Radio and Communication, Tuned Circuits, Attenuators, Passive Filters, Active Filters, Oscillators, Circuit Theorems, Complex Numbers, DC Power, AC Power, Silicon Controlled Rectifier, Power Supply, Voltage Regulation, Magnetism, Electrical Machines, Transformers, Three Phase Systems, Energy Transfer and Cost, Atomic Structures, Diode Theory, Diode Applications, Transistor Theory, Bipolar Transistors, Transistor Configurations, Active Transistor Circuits, Field Effect Transistors, Basic Operational Amplifier, Op-Amp Theory, Op-Amp Applications, Sum and Difference Amplifiers, Analogue Multi-Meter, Measurement, Component Testing, PIC Introduction, PIC Architecture, PIC A to D, Pic Byte Instructions, Pic Bit Instructions, Pic Literal Instructions, Area, Surface Area and Symmetry, Volume, Compound Measures, Geometry, Motion, Machines, Optics, Computer Hardware, Data Structures, Data Files, Computer Systems, Data Handling, System Development, Computer Programming, Data Analysis, Binary Numbers, Binary Arithmetic, Logic Gates 1, Logic Gates 2, Logic Families, Flop Flops, Combinational Logic, Counters, Counting, Shift Registers, Timers, Logic Interfacing, Boolean Algebra, Micro-Computers, Data Address Bus, Memory Addressing, Arithmetic And Logic Unit, Microprocessor Timing, Instructions and Control, Memory Cells, Microprocessor Memory, Addressing Modes, Instruction Set 1, Instruction Set 2, Instruction Set 3, Number Systems, Number Conversion, Number Types, Roots, Angles and Parallels, Triangle Ratios, Triangle Angles, Percentages, Ratios, Fractions, Vectors, Circle Angles, Laws, Algebra 0, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Mathematical Rules, Powers and Indices, Simplifying, Linear Equations, Graphing, Slope and Translation, Curves and Angle Conversion, Personal Finance, Additional Notes.|R1 555 . VR1 Trigger 2k 5 Control Threshold Ground t1=lJ.7agt;alt;(R2+VR1)agt;alt; C1 t2=0.7Vagt;alt;VR1agt;alt;C1 f= The 555 timer integrated circuit can be configured to operate as a mono-stable (single period) or astable (continuous) oscillator. Timing isanbsp;...

Title:Learn BASIC Programming in Minutes for STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths V10
Author:Clive W. Humphris
Publisher:eptsoft -


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