Learn Science, Learn Math, Learn to Teach Science and Math, Homo Sapiens

Learn Science, Learn Math, Learn to Teach Science and Math, Homo Sapiens

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Dr. Hedy Moscovicia€™s life on three continents and her battle with ovarian cancer shaped the unique co-learning and participative leadership perspective on science and mathematics education shared in this book. This text has multiple audiences a€“ prospective and practicing teachers wanting to motivate their students to learn, science and mathematics educators mentoring teachers to become transformative intellectuals and critical pedagogues, parents interested in their childrena€™s advancement, and interested policymakers and public wishing to deepen their understanding about learning in general and educational issues in science and mathematics. Two mottos, a€œI cana€™t learn from you if you cana€™t learn from mea€ and a€œto teach is to learn twice, a€ summarize the essence of her message. The spotlight is on the critical interdependence of factors, specifically human ability to construct understanding; necessity of disequilibrium to spark neural rewiring; cognition-emotion (pleasure vs. pain, even science or math phobia) connections; sociocultural context; dilemma created by the absence of a clearly trustworthy a€œlearning metera€ for a society valuing objective measurement of quality of learning; human relationships sustained by three Ra€™s (rights, responsibilities, respect); and, heightened awareness of power relationships leading to a spirit of collaboration, recognition of each individuala€™s strengths and expertise; and critical pedagogy.Playing a€œSus-Josa€ [a€œUp-Down a€in Translation a€” Shnilar t0 a€œChutes and Laddersa€ Game] The Sus-Jos board game is played on a ... Onea#39;s starting move and advancement are usually dependent on throwing a die and counting off the value on the upper side of the die. At different locations (squares) on the board, the player needs to conform to additional requirements, such as a€œgo back to the beginninga€ oranbsp;...

Title:Learn Science, Learn Math, Learn to Teach Science and Math, Homo Sapiens
Author:HEDY MOSCOVICI, Penny J. Gilmer, Katherine C. Wieseman
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-02-11


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