Learn to Play

Learn to Play

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See How to Unobtrusively Incorporate Good Teaching into Your Gamea€™s Mechanics Learn to Play: Designing Tutorials for Video Games shows how to embed a tutorial directly into your game design mechanics so that your games naturally and comfortably teach players to have fun. The author deciphers years of research in game studies, education, psychology, humana€“computer interaction, and user interface and experience that equip you to make dynamic tutorials that help players enjoy your games. The book links game design principles with psychology through the game tutorial. It offers easy-to-implement changes that can make a huge difference in how players receive your games. It explains how you can educate new players and engage experienced players at the same time through a combination of good design and basic understanding of human educational, motivational, and cognitive psychologies. Transcending disciplinary boundaries, this book improves your understanding of the science of learning and the art of teaching. It helps you design game mechanics, or tutorials, that teach people how to have fun with your games without ever feeling as though theya€™re being instructed.Maybe more offensive than the tutorial, the flashcard is an absolute failure of good teaching that is unfortunately present in many games. Trying to teach someone how to play a game with a flashcard is like trying to teach a doctor to perform brain surgery from a manual beside the patienta#39;s open skull. ... This works great with things like multiplication tables, chemical formulae, grammar rules, and the like.

Title:Learn to Play
Author:Matthew M. White
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-06-03


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