Learning Criminal Law as Advocacy Argument

Learning Criminal Law as Advocacy Argument

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More than most other books about the criminal law, this presentation focuses on qLearning Criminal Law as Advocacy Argument.q In each criminal-law topic, it presents in building-block form the limited repertoire of core issues and related arguments so that you can concentrate on learning and practicing those that your professor has stressed in class, in her materials, and on her old exams. You can know the issues on the exam before you go into the exam room.In each criminal-law topic there is a limited repertoire of core issues that must be identified and then resolved with advocacy argument. This pattern of issues and arguments arises from embedded and recurring factual patterns and the resulting criminal law performance of prosecutors, defense lawyers, and trial and appellate judges over decades and even centuries. Your professor presents only some of the core issues and related arguments from these repertoires in her course and on her criminal-law exam. Thus, you can systematically learn the set of core issues and arguments in each topic presented by your and know the issues before you go into the exam room. The exam then presents no surprises.What do you mean by resolving the core issues qwith advocacy argument?qIdentifying the core issues from your professor?s course is the first critical task. The second critical task is resolving these issues with advocacy argument. Advocacy argument is the lawyer?s single-minded marshalling of the relevant facts and doctrine that are necessary to resolve the identified issues in favor of either the prosecution or defense. This book helps you with both tasks: identifying the exam issues and resolving them.Complete with Exam Problems aamp; Answers John Delaney ... show off what one has learned in a collegiate, expository writing style, answering a typical a€œcompare and contrasta€ question. ... (See my How To Do Your Best On Law School Exam, p.

Title:Learning Criminal Law as Advocacy Argument
Author:John Delaney
Publisher:John Delaney Publications - 2004-01-01


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