Learning iPad Programming

Learning iPad Programming

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a€œNot many books have a single project that lives and evolves through the entire narrative. The reason not many books do this is because it is difficult to do well. Important toolkit features get shoehorned in weird places because the author didna€™t do enough up-front design time. This book, though, takes you from design, to a prototype, to the Real Deal. And then it goes further.a€ a€”Mark Dalrymple, cofounder of CocoaHeads, the international Mac and iPhone programmer community; author of Advanced Mac OS X Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide Learning iPad Programming, Second Edition, will help you master all facets of iPad programming with Applea€™s newest tools. Its in-depth, hands-on coverage fully addresses the entire development process, from installing the iOS SDK through coding, debugging, submitting apps for Applea€™s review, and deployment. Extensively updated for Applea€™s newest iOS features and Xcode 4.x updates, this book teaches iPad programming through a series of exercises centered on building PhotoWheel, a powerful personal photo library app. As you build PhotoWheel, youa€™ll gain experience and real-world insights that will help you succeed with any iPad development project. Leading iOS developers Kirby Turner and Tom Harrington introduce the essentials of iOS development, focusing on features that are specific to iPad. Youa€™ll find expert coverage of key topics many iOS development books ignore, from app design to Core Data. Youa€™ll also learn to make the most of crucial iOS and Xcode features, such as Storyboarding and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), and extend your app with web services and the latest iCloud synching techniques. Learn how to Build a fully functional app that uses Core Data and iCloud synching Use Storyboarding to quickly prototype a functional UI and then extend it with code Create powerful visual effects with Core Animation and Core Image Support AirPrint printing and AirPlay slideshows Build collection views and custom views, and use custom segues to perform custom view transitions Download the free version of PhotoWheel from the App Store today! Import, manage, and share your photos as you learn how to build this powerful app.A Hands-On Guide to Building iPad Apps Kirby Turner, Tom Harrington ... You can also view, using Organizer, the console for an attached devicea€”a helpful step when you are troubleshooting an app ... As mentioned earlier, Xcode is much more than just an IDE; it is also a collection of developer tools provided by Apple.

Title:Learning iPad Programming
Author:Kirby Turner, Tom Harrington
Publisher:Addison-Wesley - 2013-05-13


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