Learning to Read and Write in One Elementary School

Learning to Read and Write in One Elementary School

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This unique book presents a four-year longitudinal study of the literacy development of children attending an Austin, Texas area elementary school. The reading and writing development of this microcosm of qat-riskq children was followed as they progressed from first through fourth grade. The author poses the question, qWhat skills and abilities of the child, and what classroom factors, appear to foster literacy development?q Included here are the author's models of reading and writing acquisition, and application of these models to six children: three with literacy problems and three with successful literacy development. Interviews with the children are presented along with measures of their cognitive development and skills, samples of their reading and writing from and throughout the four year study, and an examination of their successes and failures in relations to the models presented in earlier chapters. Additionally, one chapter examines school-related factors that may play a role in the children's reading development. The book is intended for graduate students at all levels and literacy researchers who are interested in the process of literacy acquisition as it occurs in the school setting.In first grade and in November of second grade her oral stories were simple descriptions (scored 2, 3, and 4). By the end of second ... The books she read out of class, however, contained more difficult vocabulary and more advanced concepts than those she read in class. ... His auditory subtest score was high average (6th stanine). His language subtest score was average (5th stanine). His visual ... Like all students at the school, they received the daily whole-class phonics instruction.

Title:Learning to Read and Write in One Elementary School
Author:Connie Juel
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1993-10-22


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