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Build and Program Over 20 Challenging Design Projects in Just 30 Minutes Each with the New Generation of LEGOAr MINDSTORMSAr More powerful and intuitive than ever, LEGOAr MINDSTORMSAr NXT is a new robotics toolset that enables robot enthusiasts and hobbyists to build and program all kinds of projects. The LEGOAr MINDSTORMSAr NXT Hacker's Guide explores this new generation of LEGO MINDSTORMS, providing a collection of projects, how-to expertise, insider tips, and over 500 illustrations to help readers become expert NXT hackers. This cutting-edge guide describes new advances that make LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT such a great robotics resource. The book explains the all-new NXT intelligent brick...the interactive servo motors with rotation sensors that align speed for precise control...the ultrasonic sensor that allows robots to a€œseea€ by responding to movement...the improved light and touch sensors that let robots detect color and feel...and much more. The LEGOAr MINDSTORMSAr NXT Hacker's Guide features: Expert, insightful commentary by a member of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Developer Program A hands-on account of the new technologies and expanded sensor capabilities of LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT A collection of 10 hacking projects with step-by-step instructions for creating things ranging from solar power to ZigBeeAr technology to tank tread feet [a€œprojectsa€ appears twice.] A portfolio of 12 exciting design projects featuring R. Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome, Rem Koolhaas' Seattle Central Library, and the world's first NXT wristwatch Complete disclosure about a a€œsecreta€ game that is hidden inside every LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT kit An in-depth guide to the NXT programming language A special LEGO factory kit offer available only for readers of this book Inside This Groundbreaking NXT Reference a€c Your First Robot a€c Stupid RCX Tricks a€c Save Your RIS a€c As Smart as a Brick a€c MOVE IT! With Servo Motors a€c Hmm, I Sense Something a€c Yes, But I Don't Know How to Program a€c Testing, Testing; Oh, Trouble Shoot a€c Katherine's Best Hacking Projects a€c Katherine's Design Fun House a€c NXT Programming Language Guide a€c NXT Elements a€c NXT Resourcescreating creatures with, 60a€“63 in NXT robot design kit, 444, 445 Special Edition sets, 59 story lines, 58 Ultimate Creatures ... 138a€“147 with LEGO Digital Designer, 20a€“28 railroad puzzle, 74a€“76 (See also Design Fun House projects; Hackinganbsp;...

Title:LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Hacker's Guide
Author:Dave Prochnow
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2006-11-21


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