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LeopardologyTM a€“ the art of Positive Predatory Thinking. Critical business strategy, gleaned from the hunt of the African leopard. Critical business thinking and strategy, gleaned from the hunting habits and techniques of the African leopard, perhaps the most successful predator on earth! Using the hunting habits and techniques of Africaa€™s most successful predator, Leopardology TM draws metaphors of personal and business success that will simply leave you spellbound! Having the a€œlion's sharea€ of market territories and clients, to which corporations have been accustomed, is no longer the case. Competitor predators are continually on the prowl for your market share and profit. On the plains of the African savannah, deficiencies of vision, strategy, trust and change-management are often the indicators that lead alert predators to easy prey. Not unlike the world of commerce, in the bushlands of Africa, if one is not hunting to survive, one will simply survive to be hunted!Somewhere in the middle of 1999, my competitor study kept taking me back to one particular vendor of loose diamonds ... I had at least one a€œdiamond, a€ my health, thank G-d; I also had my Mazda 626, now with 200, 000 miles on the clock, and ... problem understanding that fifty years of relationship, market presence and service history can somewhat establish an entity and ensure it a certain market share.

Author:Kivi Bernhard
Publisher:Morgan James Publishing - 2009-10-01


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