Lessons in Magic

Lessons in Magic

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Everyone in the small town of Bridge Haven, Missouri, knows that the not-so-dearly-departed Edna Bixley was a witch. Except her niece, Phoebe Cabot, who has never paid the gossips any mind. Since she was just let go from her job (a€œfireda€ sounds so harsh), Phoebe has agreed to get Ednaa€™s house ready to put on the market. When a sweet, little stray dog shows up, Phoebe has no idea that ita€™s actually a demon. Or that shea€™s the one who inadvertently caused its appearance. But Noah Rossi knows, and hea€™s determined to stop Phoebea€™s meddling in matters she doesna€™t understand. The trouble is, Phoebe cana€™t seem to stop summoning demons. What can one extremely sexy but slightly in-over-his-head wizard do to keep her from accidentally destroying the universe? Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doorsa€œTherea#39;s the ownera#39;s manual, a€Noah said doubtfully. She popped open the glove compartment and seized the manual, a paperback that had formerly been emblazoned with the words Jaguar XK Ownera#39;s Manual above a picture of a Jaguar.

Title:Lessons in Magic
Author:Jessica Starre
Publisher:Crimson Romance - 2014-09-01


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