Letters to My Son

Letters to My Son

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After forty years of theological, historical, and scriptural study, Vivienne E. Perkins, PhD, came to a unique conclusion: that mana€™s entry into the modern and postmodern agesa€”facilitated by the superficial thought of the Enlightenment philosophesa€”undermined the traditional Christian understanding of human sin in relation to the God who created and sustains the universe. This path had been blazed before her by the great Russian philosopher, Lev Shestov, and by the French Reformed Christian author of forty books on technology (as well as the Gospel), Jacques Ellul. Believing that the evil effects of Enlightenment thinking pose an unrecognized obstacle to her contemporariesa€™ realizing the absolute necessity of a scriptural understanding of Christa€™s role in saving man from his overwhelming social and personal sina€”which is now destroying the only planet upon which man can build a futurea€”Dr. Perkins is determined to live her faith by adopting Daniel as her son and laying out a clear explanation of Western civilizationa€™s wrong turns during the last 250 years. Modern man, this author believes, is so absorbed in worshiping his supposed technological a€œprogressa€ that he does not yet see what Shestov, Mumford, Lyotard, Ellul, and other serious thinkers have seena€”that we misunderstand the real essence of progress and that the unrestrained technological a€œprogressa€ we admire so much cannot give us a human future on a healthy planet. Climate catastrophe looms, and we are now facing a situation in which to repent (to change) is our only option.While no angel announced Daniela#39;s coming to me, God certainly dropped him into my life and said a€œTake care of this one for Me.a€ It is a joyful and consuming task, the culmination of my life experience. The essays in this book had their origin inanbsp;...

Title:Letters to My Son
Author:Vivienne E. Perkins, Ph.D.
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2015-07-30


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