Level One

Level One

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qLevel Oneq is a frightening fictional future possibility. qLevel Oneq examines the potential self-destruction of taking matters into your own hands in times of war and the corruption of power. qLevel Oneq questions presuppositions of anarchy and the burden of command. What happens when the associated responsibilities of a commander are eclipsed by personal gain and deep-rooted vendetta psychology? How does one measure the greater good geopolitically in order to make the correct decisions? Unlike Jack Denali's last book, qNovus Ordo Seclorum, q which uncovered the essence of personal relationships; qLevel Oneq digs deep into group behavioral psychology. The protagonist, a former sniper frustrated by being leashed by the government and unable to stop terrorists without cutting reams of red tape, finds that with a little cash and the cooperation of other like minded soldiers, who are willing to aid his cause and thereby circumvent any bureaucracy, that in effect they can have an impact on global terrorism. As he recycles war profits gained from the investment of his inheritance, he soon has his own army, his own command. qLevel Oneq magnifies the infrastructure of empire building in an action adventure glimpse of the potential future of our world.... four inch and a Browning .22 are displayed along with a Ruger mini 14 and an Ithaca Deer Slayer 12 gauge pump shotgun. ... There are three targets at the far end and a manual control which wheels a paper target closer or farther away.

Title:Level One
Author:Jack Denali
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-12-01


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