Levi Anders and the Gargoyle Mystery Contests

Levi Anders and the Gargoyle Mystery Contests

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Levi likes his new home until Piper, his next door neighbor, gets back from vacation. Piper runs her club from the tree house in Levi's backyard. Levi declared war when he'd injured in a booby-trap set to keep him out of his own tree house. The only thing more important to Levi than kicking Piper out of his tree house is completing her four person team for the mystery contest at the library, and that means beating Piper to the very few kids left without a team. EXCERT A fight with six girls wasn't something I'd touch with a ten foot pole. That means being within ten feet of fighting girls was like having a death wish. I don't know who came up with the ten foot pole idea, but it was probably a school nurse. She could hook a tissue on the end of the pole and send it across the room to a kindergartner because everyone knows kindergartners don't cover their mouth when they cough. Molly gave me strep throat three times when she was in kindergarten because she kept coughing on me. Thankfully, the old lady whose house we were in front of must have seen how outnumbered I was because she came running at us a broom. A broom isn't a ten foot pile, but it was probably all she could find on short notice. EXCERT 2 I leaned down to finish tying my laces when a group of four girls came in and crowded around a table in the corner. They were all wearing pink outfits. Mom dressed me in an outfit once for family pictures. Dad, Eric and I all matched, and Mom and my sisters matched. The pictures didn't turn out well because I got car sick on the way to the flower gardens. I looked like a zombie for the first couple pictures, and then I threw up. Dad never let Mom do the outfit thing again or the flower garden. He believes in Murphy's Law, too. In this case it would go, qIf Mom put too much effort into getting everyone ready for pictures, someone will puke.q But next time someone else would have to do the puking because I don't get car sick anymore. At least not very often.Levi likes his new home until Piper, his next door neighbor, gets back from vacation.

Title:Levi Anders and the Gargoyle Mystery Contests
Author:Amy Holt
Publisher: - 2013-12


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