Liberapedia - Christianity

Liberapedia - Christianity

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Source: Wikia. Pages: 56. Chapters: 666, America, Annunciation Roman Catholic Parish, Answers in Genesis, Antichrist, Baptism, Bible Belt, Born-again, Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Catholic Digest, Catholics for Choice, Child abuse by the Irish Roman Catholic Church, Christian fundamentalism, Christian humility, Christian morality, Christianity and the Commandment not to Murder, Christianu2uber, Church of England, Confession, Conservapedia, Conservative Bible Retranslation Project, Curse of Ham, Dominionism, Duggar family, Evangelize, Exhibitionism and voyeurism, FSTDT, Fiction, Flaggelation, Fred Phelps, Galileo, George Alan Rekers, God Hates Fags, Gospel of Mark, Harm the ex-gay movement causes, Heaven, Hell, Holly, Holy Ghost, Jehovah's Witness, Jesus Christ, Ken Ham, Knights of Columbus, Liberal Christianity, Lutheranism, Magdalene laundry, Mark, Methodism, Monotheism, Mother Teresa, New Testament, Noah's Ark, Noah's flood, Nun, Old Testament, Original Sin, Pope, Prayer, Priest Child Molestation Scandal, Problem of Evil, Pure Life Ministries, Quaker, Rapture, Religious Right, Roman Catholic Church, Saint Paul, Saint Peter, Spanish Inquisition, Ten Commandments, The Bible, The Church, The Genealogy of Jesus, The Missionary Position, The Passion of the Christ, Theology, Virgin Mary, War on Christmas, Young Earth Creationism, Zombies. Excerpt: 666 is just a number the supposed number associated with the Antichrist. '666' is the newest version of the number of the AC, following 616 (an area code in western Michigan, and the number of the universe in which most Marvel Comics stories take place) and 665. Conservatives try to avoid the reality that there is more than one version of the Bible. 666 is also 999 up-side-down. That's why so many people believed that the world would end in 1999, those superstitious pricks...World will really end in June 6/2006. Oh wait, crap, that didn't happen either. Well, maybe it will end in 2066. Or 2666. Or 3666. Or 6666. Or ...Source: Wikia.

Title:Liberapedia - Christianity
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher: - 2011-10-26


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