Lickety-Split III

Lickety-Split III

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Lickety-Split III A Novel From Nebraska. By J. Gordon Schrempp The Nebraska sky filled with low, ominous, fast-moving steel painted clouds that came sweeping from the north like an army bent on destruction. The clouds ripped through the sky, followed by commanding fierce winds that began howling about 3 a.m. Intermittent snow flurries pelted against buildings, swirling around them, forming little tornadoes and then disintegrating as they raced over the bleak fields and bare trees that stood defiant. When Dean Arnold delivers the body of his good friend Pete Leocker to Grandville for burial he had no idea of the mental storm clouds that were brewing and were about to change the entire course of his young life. In book III we can see that Dean Arnold, the main character of all three novels, is beginning to be more aware of a transformation-taking place within him and without any design on his part. Gentle and sometimes violent thoughts swirl through his mind like little tornados making him realize that he was not satisfied with what he once thought would make him happy. In book III he achieved a certain degree fame, money, status, the love of several women, and the adoration of the crowds. However, he still has a yearning deep inside himself. When Dean tries to rescue Eva, a local artist from her controlling, alcoholic husband he gets entangled in a web of circumstances so dark it knocks him down for the count. When he wakes up at the local police station being questioned for murder, he has to search deep for the courage needed. In a most surprising way, this tragedy leads Dean Arnold to fill the hunger in his young soul. Lickey-Split III is a warm, finely written novel filled with wise ways to counter the ever demanding trials that work their way into ordinary lives. Dean Arnold follows the beat of his heart and in his journey to find out who he is he finds peace and contentment. This is accomplished once he understands that there is guidance for him and all he has to do is listen closely and he will hear the right word. Dean Arnold listens carefully.As of late, since Eva left him, he was the first to arrive and the last to leave. His specialty was Buick auto transmission repair. Although he was only a regular mechanic, it was known that if any problem came in that baffled the regular crews , anbsp;...

Title:Lickety-Split III
Author:J. Gordon Schrempp
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-10-23


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