Lies They Teach in School

Lies They Teach in School

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It is a clichAc that history is written by the victors, but what we accept as history is replete with stories of great men and events that either never happened or didna€™t happen the way we were told they did. Such items are taught in schools. They are passed down to us by our families and friends and have become part of our shared cultural knowledge. And they are wrong. Touching on a number of topicsa€” including history, current events, government, sports, geography, and popular culturea€”Lies They Teach in School exposes errors that have been perpetuated for far too long. It will enlighten and entertain. It will certainly start a number of arguments, and settle a few others.In Cato, a popular 1713 drama by Joseph Addison, the playwright states, in act 4, a€œWhat pity is it that we can die but once to serve our country.a€ Some historians have speculated that Halea#39;s last words were intended not as a farewell speech butanbsp;...

Title:Lies They Teach in School
Author:Herb Reich
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2012-05-01


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