Life Absolutes ~Thee Instruction Manual for Life

Life Absolutes ~Thee Instruction Manual for Life

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With the proven formula that EMOTIONS ARE THE POWER BEHIND our thoughts and actions, comes on the heels of the highly recognized self-help DVD titled The Secret by Rhonda Byrne that proclaims thoughts are our power, as opposed to the emphasis being on that of emotions. The Secret along with many other notable self-help books are helping a lot of people and yet, according to Neil Fiore, PhD, a Berkeley, Calif.-based psychologist qIt can cause people greater stress by worrying if they're causing cancer by having the wrong thoughts and emotions.q Karen LaVoie, author of Life ABSOLUTES agrees with the aforementioned statement.This is one of the factors that sets her book apart from other self-help books. Life ABSOLUTES gives the complete formula for life to everyone willing to apply it, and live itlife long commitment. What this book offers is not a quick fix solution or sweep your emotions, thoughts or troubles under the carpet and pretend they do not exist. Instead, it gives the reader the ability to powerfully and quickly acknowledge them, gain greater wisdom from every life situation, by finding the postive in the situation while turning it into an opportunity for mastery. This program is about accountabilty and taking charge once and for all how one chooses to react to persons, places, situations, things and opportunities, eventually removing them permanently from their life.The corner stone to Life ABSOLUTES is the understanding that a persons emotions are 4 times more powerful than their thoughts. So once a person starts acknowledging his or her emotions and gaining mastery over them, his or her thoughts and actions follow in suit. When a persons emotions are positive, the thoughts and actions are the same. Thus, creating, manifesting and or attracting a positive outcome. Everyone is accountable for their choicestheir emotions, thoughts and actions. And our choices start with our emotions. NOT our thoughts. The quote so overly used for many years has been, As a man thinketh, so is he. The quote actually reads as follows, As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he depending on the bible you use as your source. The valuable word heart was used to provide this useful truth. Our emotions are our power. Life ABSOLUTES, clearly, precisely and simply gives examples and drawings explaining the Law of AttractionLike Attracts Like. So the reader understands their accountablilty to life in a guilt free way and yet, is still accountable to all life. Be Selfless. NOT the gratification of the quick fix, the EGOMe, ME, ME. All life. We are all of one enegry. The Law of Life is put forth in great detail in this book: Energy qualified with emotions (through our attention: sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing) triggers thoughts, which triggers actions, which equals an outcome, is one a person must apply, live and BE should they want positive results outpictured in their life. The law of attraction is not about one just sitting and visualizing money and money falls out of the sky, one must be in service to life. However, visualization is very important. There is an entire chapter dedicated to this truth. Life ABSOLUTES is a perfect blend of quatum physics in action and spiritual awareness that we are not an island. Whether you believe in God, higher beings or the big bang theory, this book is for you. It is masterfully balanced. Truthful. Honest and fluff-free. While being practical, conversational, inspiring and evoking a few laughs. This book covers mastery of: personal self, professional self, taking charge of ones well-being while creating more successes whether they be emotional or tangible. Whether they be financial, personal, professional or spiritual. This instruction manual for life works for anyone and eveyone seeking a more joyful, harmonious, abundant, stress free and blessed life. About the Author. The formula put forth in this book saved her life.This instruction manual for life works for anyone and eveyone seeking a more joyful, harmonious, abundant, stress free and blessed life. About the Author. The formula put forth in this book saved her life.

Title:Life Absolutes ~Thee Instruction Manual for Life
Author:Karen Lavoie
Publisher:LAVOIE - 2006-11-01


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