Life After Foreclosure

Life After Foreclosure

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Going through a housing crisis affects you emotionally and challenges you legally. It's a breach of contract that you had no intention of committing and until now you had no resource to guide you through this trying time in your life. qLife After Foreclosureq covers everything you need to know about strategic default, short sale, foreclosure, and loan modification. You will learn exactly what options you have and how each of them plays out. From identifying when it is time to give up on loan modification to rebuilding your credit and personal finances after Foreclosure. This book is designed to help anyone about to face a housing crisis or who has just gone through one. The life changing event of foreclosure holds a power that, when utilized correctly, will lead to greater financial security, better decision making, and a more empowered life. A must-read for anyone who thought it would never happen to them, this book shows how you are not alone and that you can thrive again! Author Dean Wegner is a leading expert in housing with more than 16 years of industry experience, and has developed the reputation of someone who knows the answers to tough questions. Dean is a member of more than 25 real estate organizations, and is a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor. He has spoken to more than 3000 people facing foreclosure and addressed the media on this topic more than 500 times, including cover stories in USA Today and CNBC.If youa#39;ve maxed out your credit cards and home equity lines, it will look like youa#39;re running out of lifelines. On the ... Again, recent activity is more important than old activitya€”so new loans can help you rebuild credit after foreclosure. Finallyanbsp;...

Title:Life After Foreclosure
Author:Dean Wegner
Publisher:Scottsdale Book Publishing - 2010-11


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