Life and Death on the Mississippi

Life and Death on the Mississippi

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A dysfunctional tale of betrayal, robbery and murder told in duelling perspectives by two woman hating friends with an adversarial relationship. Set in a small Mississippi river town where opportunity is slim and none, the four friends fall upon hard times and take the biggest risk of their lives in an effort to break the economic chains and boundaries society has placed on them. The story is street wise and a touch cruel, but just as things begin to look up, it all crashes down and leaves only one friend in the end to reflect on where it all went wrong.Cap and Tommy are praying in their seats as I down shift to beat a red light and then turn into the lot across from the police station on two ... agt;lalt;agt;lalt;agt;lalt;agt;lalt; WE UNLOAD MARTHAa#39;S CAR back at Jacka#39;s with a hole in the back seat and the check engine light flashing. Germ drops the keys under the floor mat, seemingly immune to the damage we caused, before piling into my car and cruising over to Cooka#39;s for.

Title:Life and Death on the Mississippi
Author:Brian Mead, Max Porter
Publisher:Club Lighthouse Publishing - 2009-10-01


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