Life Love Fun Living in Australia Part 2

Life Love Fun Living in Australia Part 2

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Enjoy reading this treasure box filled with entertaining and inspiring stories on living life, loving and having fun times. From Australian Authors, Bev Dowdella€™s stories will make you laugh and Graham Dowdella€™s a qmoment in timeq photos capture an inside view of life through his a€œlensa€ of the beauty and magic around us every day which makes life worth living. A sequel to A Work in Progress Life Love Living in Australia, read about snorkelling in early morning high tides flying in azure blue water; David's story ... the life of a wealthy and famous man; Secrets to being ageless; Running down a dream ... lift your head up, take a breath; Don't try climbing Mount Everest when you are having a qpausalq moment; Throw off the limits ... all things are possible; Never give up ... timing is everything and dreams can come true; Are you having conflict ... maybe someone is trying to give you their problems? Bev out feeding the cows being qmanually deficientq plunging a Ute down the hill; Vineyard Days ... how much trouble a city girl gets into when she marries a farmer - standing in gum boots freezing getting slapped by grape stems or how to you are not a good grape snipper at Vintage time until you have snipped yourself instead of the grape stalks and How do you stop a man in his tracks ... bridging the gap between men and women.But, I admit, driving a manual car escapes me. Ia#39;ve had a€œcloseta€ conversations with other people who admit to being a€œmanually deficienta€ too. ... The Ute picked up speed and I panicked - as we do - jumped hard on the clutch pedal thinge.

Title:Life Love Fun Living in Australia Part 2
Author:Graham Dowdell, Bev Dowdell
Publisher:Bev Dowdell Graham Dowdell - 2015-12-13


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