Lifeguard, Babysitter, Executioner

Lifeguard, Babysitter, Executioner

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Do you feel like your job consists of little more than moving through a revolving door of three rolesa€”lifeguard, babysitter, and executioner? Moan no more. In our guidea€”where we deliver commonsense advice in our upbeat, slightly irreverent, and conversational stylea€”youa€™ll find a proven way to lift yourself up from the doldrums and start enjoying the crucial role you and your department play in your companya€™s success. As seasoned lawyers and consultants, wea€™ve seen it all when it comes to HR. We can offer you expert tips on such important topics as how best to conduct interviews and employee appraisals, to facilitate creating communications and sexual harassment policies, and to terminate poor performersa€”with or without the a€œaida€ of a concerned Boss. We hope wea€™ve added enough humor, savvy, and edginess to attract managers and any HR department professional, whether youa€™re a veteran or a newbie. Because human beings are never a constant, we were able to bolster our advice with hilarious and instructive stories that played out before our very eyes in real-world officesa€”or lobbies. These will show you what to do and what not to do anda€”fingers crosseda€”help you become better practitioners. Good luck!A Real-World Guide to Hiring, Firing aamp; Building a Winning Workforce Daren Fristoe, Julie McKee ... HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT A hostile work environment is the most common type of harassment. ... not literally mean a€œhostile a€ in the sense of hostility or anger; it means that the offensive behavior, based on protected status as defined by law, ... As many of you know from experience, the role of business owner, manager, supervisor, or HR professional has changed over time, fromanbsp;...

Title:Lifeguard, Babysitter, Executioner
Author:Daren Fristoe, Julie McKee
Publisher:Greenleaf Book Group - 2014-08-05


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