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Childhood obesity. Divorce. Cancer. Heart disease. Financial woes. The stats of doom surround us, yet we continue in lifestyles that lead to unhappiness and early death. Yet, life doesna€™t have to be that way. LifeNuts is a community-based vitality program designed to save city budget dollars (lower health costs and reduced absenteeism) as well as to reverse the American trend of unhealthiness, disease, and a lifespan that decreases annually. Run by volunteers, LifeNuts helps individuals to lose weight, become fit both physically and financially, and manage stress effectively. This book helps individuals to become full-fledged LifeNuts and explains how to implement the program into the communityvFamilies with children can play a game to see who can lose the most weight. Weigh in at the beginning of the week and reward the weekly winner with a prize. Set a time limit or set a weight loss goal. The key is to change lifestyles, which can be a challenge. ... And, despite growing up on a dairy farm, he was open- minded towards new research and different ideas. He learned a lot after studying the dietanbsp;...

Author:Robert Kroeger
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-04-25


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