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John Irwin writes about prisons from an unusual academic perspective. Before receiving a Ph.D. in sociology, he served five years in a California state penitentiary for armed robbery. This is his sixth book on imprisonment a€“ an ethnography of prisoners who have served more than twenty years in a California correctional institution. The purpose of the book is to take issue with the conventional wisdom on homicide, societya€™s purposes of imprisonment, and offendersa€™ reformability. Through the lifersa€™ stories, he reveals what happens to prisoners serving very long sentences in correctional facilities and what this should tell us about effective sentencing policy.Seeking Redemption in Prison John Irwin. drivera#39;s test soon after his release from Angola, the Louisiana State Prison: As so often happens lately, Michael ... He fails the test, another blow in Williamsa#39; quest to put together a life that was taken from him when he was just a boy. ... in two or three of the following programs: sheet metal, welding, plumbing, shoe repair, dry cleaning, and computer repair.

Author:John Irwin
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-03-17


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