Light and Heavy Vehicle Technology

Light and Heavy Vehicle Technology

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Light and Heavy Vehicle Technology, Third Edition covers the essential technology requirements of the City and Guilds Motor Vehicle Craft Studies (381) Part 2, for both light and heavy vehicles. The book discusses the reciprocating piston petrol and diesel engines with regard to their operating principles and combustion chambers and processes. The book also apprises vehicle heating and the importance of engine lubrication and cooling. Numerous examples of vehicle maintenance procedure and of diagnosing vehicle misbehavior in service are also considered. The book covers the different vehicle systems including intake and exhaust, diesel fuel injection, ignition, automatic transmission control, suspension, hydraulic brake, and electrical systems. The vehicle structure, manual and power-assisted steering, tires, road wheels and hubs, layshaft and epicyclic gearboxes, and fluid couplings and torque converters are also discussed. Students of mechanics and mechanical engineering studies will find this book invaluable.... 190, 191 speed sensitive, 189, 190 Air brakes, 442-54 compression and storage, 443a€“5 hand-operated brake valves, ... 48, 66, 67 Alternator and regulator , 478-81 advantages, 481 misbehaviour in service, 481 Aluminium alloys for engine ... 114 Arti-vibration mountings, 465 Aquaplaning effect, tyres, 341 Archimedes, 235 Arrangement of engine crankthrows, 13, ... shoe arrangements, 410a€“16 automatic adjusters, 414a€“16 fixed-cam and floating-cam, 410, 411 manual adjusters, 413, anbsp;...

Title:Light and Heavy Vehicle Technology
Author:M.J. Nunney
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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