Lighting for Driving

Lighting for Driving

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Integrates Vehicle, Signal, and Road Lighting into a Unified System Many people drive many miles after dark and rely on lighting to help them gather information about the road ahead and the presence and intentions of other people on and near the road. With new technology on the industrya€™s horizon, Lighting for Driving: Roads, Vehicle, Signs and Signals conveys the crucial role lighting plays in road safety and examines how it could be used more effectively. Authored by a lighting and visibility expert, this book explains the thinking and scientific reasoning behind various forms of lighting and analyzes their contribution to the drivera€™s understanding of real and potential road hazards. Filled with useful information, this resource straightforwardly addresses a wide range of safety factors encountered in real driving situations, such as weather conditions, complex signage, and driver age. It also deals with the often-ignored consequences of too much light, such as light trespass and sky glow. Comprehensively Explores the Field, Emphasizing Improved Safety Vehicle, road, sign, and signal lighting are provided to enable drivers to reach their destinations quickly and safely. However, the attention given to how these forms of lighting function is likely to change as new technology is introduced and understanding of ergonomics and human factors improves. This book effectively illustrates how these forms of lighting can be modified to work together to best provide a coherent flow of information to the driver.5.1 IntroductIon One of the earliest signals associated with the use of motor vehicles was introduced by the British parliament in the form of the ... 5.2 fIxed road MarkIngs Some of the simplest means used to guide drivers are markings on the road. ... where overtaking is prohibited or limited to a specific lane, edges of junctions, parking restrictions, vehicles allowed to use a lane, mini- roundabouts, etc.

Title:Lighting for Driving
Author:Peter R. Boyce
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-12-04


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