Likely Story: Red Carpet Riot

Likely Story: Red Carpet Riot

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Ita€™s award nighta€”will Mallory make it down the red carpet? When we last left Mallory, her first show had just aired to rave ratings; her conniving mother was engaged to her dreaded producer boyfriend, Richard; she wasna€™t sure if her boyfriend, Keith, would stick by her; and the school secretary had some unwelcome news about her student status. Now, just when her show gets a Daytime Emmy nomination, shea€™s got to fend off sneaky saboteurs, decide between Keith and Dallas, her showa€™s hunky star, break off her mothera€™s engagement, and pass gym class! Hang on for a wild ride that takes us to the end of Mallorya€™s story, and maybe her rope, as the Emmy Awards inch closer and closer and shea€™s got to do-sido as fast as she can to keep up. From the Hardcover edition.I cold him my plan, and he returned co the backscop, crouching down behind Luc , who cook a few practice swings and stepped up to the plate. Scooter looked at me and signaled between his legs. Two fingers. I nodded and began my windup, just as Scooter said something ... I looked to Scooter for his signal: five fingers.

Title:Likely Story: Red Carpet Riot
Author:David Van Etten
Publisher:Knopf Books for Young Readers - 2009-06-09


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