Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory

Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory

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Intended for a serious first course or a second course, this textbook will carry students beyond eigenvalues and eigenvectors to the classification of bilinear forms, to normal matrices, to spectral decompositions, and to the Jordan form. The authors approach their subject in a comprehensive and accessible manner, presenting notation and terminology clearly and concisely, and providing smooth transitions between topics. The examples and exercises are well designed and will aid diligent students in understanding both computational and theoretical aspects. In all, the straightest, smoothest path to the heart of linear algebra. * Special Features: * Provides complete coverage of central material. * Presents clear and direct explanations. * Includes classroom tested material. * Bridges the gap from lower division to upper division work. * Allows instructors alternatives for introductory or second-level courses.This approach is particularly important because the mathematical systems encountered in linear algebra furnish a wealth of examples for the structures studied in more ... The unifying concept for the first five chapters is that of elementary operations. ... Answers are provided for about half of the computational problems.

Title:Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
Author:Jimmie Gilbert, Linda Gilbert
Publisher:Academic Press - 2014-06-28


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