Linear Ics And Applications

Linear Ics And Applications

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Operational Amplifier FundamentalsBasic Op-amp circuit, Op-amp parameters - Input and output voltage, CMRR and PSRR, Offset voltages and currents, Input and output impedances, Slew rate and Frequency limitations; Op-amps as D.C. Amplifiers - Biasing op-amps, Direct coupled - Voltage followers, Non-inverting amplifiers, Inverting amplifiers, Summing amplifiers, Difference amplifier.Op-amps as A.C. AmplifiersCapacitor coupled voltage follower, High input impedance - Capacitor coupled voltage follower, Capacitor coupled non-inverting amplifiers, High input impedance - Capacitor coupled non-inverting amplifiers, Capacitor coupled inverting amplifiers, Setting the upper cut-off frequency, Capacitor coupled difference amplifier, Use of a single polarity power supply.Op-amps Frequency Response and CompensationCircuit stability, Frequency and phase response, Frequency compensating methods, Bandwidth, Slew rate effects, Mod compensation, And circuit stability precautions.Op-amp ApplicationsVoltage sources, Current sources and current sinks, Current amplifiers, instrumentation amplifier, Precision recitifier, Limiting circuits.More ApplicationsClamping circuits, Peak detectors, Sample and hold circuits, V to I and I to V converters, Log and antilog amplifiers, Multiplier and divider, Triangular / rectangular wave generators, Waveform generator design, Phase shift oscillator, Wien bridge oscillator.Nonlinear Circuit ApplicationsCrossing detectors, Inverting Schmitt trigger circuits, Monostable and Astable multivibrator, Active filters - First and second order low pass and high pass filters.Voltage RegulatorsIntroduction, Series op-amp regulator, IC voltage regulators, 723 general purpose regulator, Switching regulator.Other Linear IC Applications555 timer - Basic timer circuit, 555 timer used as astable and monostable multivibrator, Schmitt trigger; PLL-operating principles, Phase detector/comparator, VCO; D/A and A/D converters - Basic DAC techniques, A/D converters.8.19 Typical circuit connection of ).iA7805 regulator 8.14.5 Positive 5 V Power Supply using 1C 7805 A 5 V output voltage supply system using full wave ... The 1C 7805 regulator provides the regulated output of 5 V. .o- 5V Full wave bridge rectifier 8.14.6 Adjustable Regulator using 78XX Series Though 1C 78XX series. Fig.

Title:Linear Ics And Applications
Author:A.P.Godse U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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